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“Emigré de mi país de origen, Guatemala, el 28 de mayo de 2019. Fue entonces cuando comenzó mi 'Sueño Americano'. En ese momento tenía 3 meses de embarazo. Fueron 52 días de sufrimiento antes de que finalmente cruzara la frontera en Ciudad Juárez y El Paso, TX. Julio de 2019, comenzó mi lucha en la ciudad de Charlotte, NC. Fue muy difícil comenzar una nueva vida, en un país tan diferente al nuestro; pero con grandes oportunidades de crecer no solo económicamente sino también personalmente. Un día, en mi cita con el médico, conocí a dos grandes personas que ahora son los fundadores de DESPIERTA . Juliana y Andrea me han apoyado en diferentes situaciones que se me han presentado, incluida la imposibilidad de hablar el idioma inglés ”.

“I came to Charlotte at the age of 11. My parents sent me with a relative to the United States because in the city where I lived there were many gangs and they were raping the girls. When I got to Charlotte I felt so lonely. My relative was living in a situation where she was experiencing physical and mental abuse. I decided to ask the school I was attending for help but no one helped me. I didn’t want to be in that toxic environment anymore so I decided to go live with a guy I was dating just so I could escape from where I was living. What I did not know is that I was going to end up in another situation similar to that of my relative. I got pregnant at 14 years old. Now I am 15 and it has been very difficult to get ahead without having the support of any family member, to learn to be a mother alone and to study. Not only that, my child’s father began to abuse me physically and emotionally. Despite all that I still dream of getting out of all this and being able to get ahead with my baby and one day see my parents again. Thanks to the support of Despierta I decide to continue my education Having this support has given me hope and I am very grateful."  -Name and Image Not Disclosed to Protect Client Privacy

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